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2 In 1 Air Sofa With Pumper

Category Name : Agriculture & Food
Sub Category Name : Vegetable & Preparation
Product Price : (4999.00 - 4999.00) BD TAKA / Per Piece
Quantity : 50.00 Pieces
Payment Terms : bKash | DBBL | Bank | VISA | MasterCard | AMEX
Price Valid Time : -
Minimum Order : 1.00 Pieces


2 IN 1 air sofa with pumper. material: vinayil. waterproof. The Intex Lounge Chair with Ottoman is a great product which is very competitively priced but fails miserably when it comes to durability, you would be lucky if the chair and ottoman lasted even 3 months. The Intex Lounge Chair is my first purchase of this kind, I wasn’t sure what to expect of it, when I first sat on it I felt like I should buy few more of this - one for sleeping at night, one for working on the computer and one for the balcony because this lounge chair is just that comfortable. I was very happy with this purchase - “money well spent” I thought, but then the issues started cropping up. An Inflatable sofa is portable ; so, you can use it anytime, anywhere!

Product Supplier Information

Company Name : AjkerDeal.com
Country : Bangladesh
City : Dhaka
Email : customer@ajkerdeal.com
Telephone : 09612-007007
Mobile : 01844000887

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